Specialist coatings

Extensive knowledge and experience using different types of specialist coatings.

We provide thorough guidance and advice across different coatings, industries, and sites, ensuring the best coating is used so your site is safe and maintained.

Using only the highest quality and most reliable products from leading manufacturers. We offer expert knowledge and advice to tailor a solution to your specific requirements for the industry you work in. All our products come with a manufacturer’s guarantee.


Insulating coatings

Energy saving insulating paint for interior and exterior surfaces. Comes as a clear or coloured solution. Helps reduce energy bills in domestic, commercial, and industrial dwellings. Not only will it save you money but will also protect buildings from water ingress. Wet wall transfers heat twice and quickly as a dry wall. With a manufacturer’s warranty of 15 years.


Anti-graffiti paint is designed to minimise alterations to the appearance of protected surface and is available in clear coat matt or gloss finish. It can be used on concrete, render, masonry, porous stone, timber, and previously painted surfaces. As a silicone based solution it stops water ingression. Graffiti can be wiped away with warm water and mild detergent. With a manufacturer’s warranty of 25 years.

Fire retardant paint

For use in buildings that need to be kept at regulation standards, such as communal areas in residential buildings, schools, universities, and hospitals. All fire-resistant paints are developed to meet certain levels of fire protection. Dependant on the substrate they need to be applied to and the environment and needs of the client, fire retardant paints have distinct levels of protection ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Masonry paint

Exterior protection for masonry. We use products that ensures surfaces are dirt resistant, breathable, and waterproof. With a manufacturer’s warranty of 15 years.
The team are fully trained with over 35 years’ experience working with specialist coatings. JB Coatings deliver a professional and friendly service, working with suppliers and contractors to ensure the project is completed on schedule, within budget and to the highest standards.